In an age of exponential change in the sports lighting industry, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that address the unique, ever evolving challenges our customers face. We pair meaningful industry insight with an agile business model for the ultimate combination of thought leadership and responsive service.

Our consistent, crystal-clear light helps players perform their best and gives fans the best viewing experience


Upgrade your player’s performance and your fan’s experience. From MLB and the NFL to NASCAR and the Euro League, we deliver consistent, crystal clear, light on the field to help players perform their best, give fans the best live-viewing experience, and produce pristine, high-definition broadcasts.



Our custom lighting solutions provide spectators and student-athletes alike with the best experience and fit your budget


Whether a stadium, arena, practice field, or an intramural/recreational sports field, our custom lighting solutions will provide  students, spectators, and student-athletes alike with the best experience — while ensuring they fit your budget.



The best solutions to light your venue, thrill your fans, and meet your needs now and for the future; all within your budget


As a central member of your community, you want to be sure your lighting investment is environmentally safe, high performing, unobtrusive, and saves you money in energy consumption. We’ll provide you with the best solution to illuminate your venue, thrill your fans, and meet your needs both today and into the future.





We’re committed to offering the best possible solution for every venue, with products that are better for players, spectators, communities, and the environment. Our full line of Ephesus Sports Lighting systems is recognized for innovative design, superior efficiency, longer life, and better performance.

We Envision a Brighter Future for our Customers


In 2011, LED sports lighting was simply thought to be an idea that was many years away – but to a few visionaries, the logic behind applying solid state LED technology to the sports market was obvious. Ephesus Lighting was founded on the belief that lighting technology had the power to vastly improve the way professional, collegiate and recreational sports are administered, played and viewed.  As a key member of that team that started Ephesus Lighting, Mike Lorenz had a single goal – to provide the market with the most innovative and impactful LED sports lighting solutions in the world.

Ephesus created a compelling vision for the future of sports technology and soon became a leader in the design and manufacturing of LED sports lighting systems. In 2015 Ephesus joined forces with global behemoth Eaton, as part of their lighting business, a move that extended their reach and opened new markets.

Looking ahead to the future, Mike Lorenz has once again taken action to further his vision, founding NGU Sports Lighting in partnership with Eaton, to directly address and cater to the needs of their customers.

At NGU Sports Lighting we know the challenges our customers face, what they want and what they need – we use that unique understanding to provide the best possible solutions designed and manufactured by Eaton. Our singular focus is to enable venues to move seamlessly from mechanical sports lighting to digital sports lighting by providing whatever is needed to make that change easy, cost effective and value packed.

OUR Leadership TEAM

Marnie Woodson

Director of Business Operations

Gail McNulty

Director of Marketing

Mike Lorenz


James McCarthy

Director of Sales